How to configure Inter or Intra-Site Topology Generator (ISTG) in Active Directory

Mar 23rd, 2009

The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is an active directory process that runs on domain controllers and automatically identifies or calculates the most efficient replication topology for the network using data provided by the network in active directory sites and services. To improve replication traffic in most networks, the ISTG might be enabled so that KCC can logically generate (Create) connection objects based on the physical network layer. This is good because KCC will only create connection objects in active directory if it is required for a particular site.
ISTG Reference numbers:
0:To  Enable ISTG
1:To disable automatic intrasite topology generation
16:To disable automatic intersite topology generation
17:To disable both intrasite and inter-site topology generation

Instructions on enabling ISTG
1- Run and type adsiedit.msc
2-Connect to a Domain Controller and Expand the Configuration (DC) tab,
      Expand CN=Configuration,CN=MYDOMAIN,CN=COM
    Expand CN=Sites
Select CN=(Name of Site to configure)






On the right panel, right click on CN=NTDs Settings, click on properties:(see Image)


scroll down, select Options and click edit, enter the appropriate numerical value from above and apply.(see Image)


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